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16 Hūrae, 2023
Journal of the Royal Society of NZ. Creating an environment to inform, build, and sustain a Māori health research workforce. DOI:
The Lancet. Mortality outcomes and inequities experienced by rural Māori in Aotearoa New ZealandDOI:
JCO Global Oncology. Where are we dying? Ethnic differences in place of death among New Zealanders dying of cancerdoi: 10.1200/go.22.00024
BMJ Open. Equity of timely access to liver and stomach cancer surgery for Indigenous patients in New Zealand: A national cohort study.  doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-058749
PLos ONE. Equity of travel required to access first definitive surgery for liver or stomach cancer in New Zealand. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0269593

10 Hune 2022

New Zealand Medical Journal. The impact of COVID-19 on lung cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment for Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Retrieved from

17 Hepetema, 2021

NZ Medical Journal - Disparities in post-operative mortality between Māori and non-Indigenous ethnic groups in New Zealand. Click here

9 Ākuhata, 2021

Research Review Expert Forum - Reviews from Prof Sue Crengle, Dr Melissa Mcleod and Dr Nina Scott. Aotearoa Lung Cancer Screening Symposium - expert review. Click here

9 Ākuhata, 2021

The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific. Acceptability of human papillomavirus (HPV) self-sampling among never- and under-screened Indigenous and other minority women: a randomised three-arm community trial in Aotearoa New Zealand. Click here

21 Māehe, 2021

NZ Medical Journal - Recommendations for implementing HPV Self-testing in Aotearoa. Click here

21 Māehe, 2021

NZ Medical Journal - Bowel cancer screening age - what is all the fuss about? Click here

11 Māehe, 2021

The Lancet Regional Health Western Pacific. Maintaining cancer services during the COVID 19 pandemic: the Aotearoa New Zealand experience.  Click here

25 Pēpuere, 2021

The Lancet Regional Health Western Pacific. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer diagnosis and service access in New Zealand–a country pursuing COVID-19 elimination. Click here

19 Pēpuere, 2021

NZ Medical Journal. Telehealth as a tool for equity, pros, cons and recommendations. Click here

Hanuere, 2021

Smear your mea. Smear your mea evaluation report. Click here

Tīhema, 2020

Journal of Cancer Policy. A critical te Tiriti analysis of the New Zealand cancer action plan 2019–2029. Click here

4 Mahuru, 2020

NZ Medical Journal. The most commonly diagnosed and most common causes of cancer death for Māori New Zealanders. Click here


14 Ākuhata, 2020

BMJ Open. Impact of low-dose CT screening for lung cancer on ethnic health inequities in New Zealand: a cost effectiveness analysis. Click here

5 Ākuhata, 2020

BMJ Open. Postoperative mortality in New Zealand following general anaesthetic: demographic patterns and temporal trends. Click here


31 Hune, 2020

JCO Global Oncology. Disparities in cancer specific survival between Māori and non-Māori New Zealanders, 2007-2016. Click here

31 Hānuere, 2020

Journal of cancer policy. Addressing cancer inequities for indigenous populations. The New Zealand story. Click here

17 Hānuere, 2020

 NZ Medical Journal. Stage at diagnosis for Māori cancer patients, disparities, similarities and data limitations. Click here

13 Hānuere, 2020

JCO Global Oncology. Indigenous Cancer Research: Reflections on Roles and Responsibilities. Click here

29 Noema, 2019

NZ Medical Journal. Viewpoint. Equity by 2030. Achieving equity in survival for Māori cancer patients. Click here

19 Noema, 2019

Journal of cancer policy. A critical Tiriti Analysis of the New Zealand Cancer Control Strategy. Click here

Hune, 2019

The Lancet Oncology. Mapping a route to Indigenous engagement in cancer genomic research. Click here

Hune, 2018

The Lancet Oncology. Improving the health of indigenous people globally. Click here

23 Pēpuere, 2018

NZ Medical Journal. Letter. New Zealand's revised Ethnicity Data Protocols must not become a shelved document: a challenge from Hei Āhuru Mōwai. Click here

Oketopa, 2016

Te Mata Hautū Taketake – Māori & Indigenous Governance Centre University of Waikato. Te Mata Ira, guidelines for Genomic Research with Māori. Click here






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