16 Pēpuere, 2022

Rawiri Blundell, Dr Maxine Ronald, Dame Naida Glavish and Moahuia Goza present to the NZ Section of USANZ 'From racism to anti racism - towards safe surgical practice' 

28 Hānuere, 2022

Dr Kimiora Henare, Prof Sue Crengle and Dr George Laking present at NZ Society of Oncology conference on lung cancer screening, whānau ora navigation and Māori cancer research priorities

27 Hānuere, 2022

Dr Nina Scott and CEO Moahuia Goza present on the Pae Ora bill. Read our Pae ora Submission here

23 Noema, 2021

CEO Moahuia Goza presents at the Equity in Health symposium and advocates for Māori prioritisation in every COVID vaccination protocol

7 Oketopa, 2021

Dr Nina Scott, Dr Myra Ruka and Moahuia Goza present at the Addressing Cancer Health Disparities among Indigenous Communities hosted by the  America Association for Cancer Research


3 Ākuhata, 2021

CEO Moahuia Goza updates the National Iwi Chairs and discusses what we all need to do to get cancer incidence and mortality rates down

2 Hūrae, 2021

Shelley Campbell presents to ASMS on the Māori Health Authority and cancer priorities. Creating solutions. https://www.asms.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Creating-solutions-programme.pdf

20 Whiringa ā rangi, 2020

Moahuia Goza talks about mātauranga and cancer; he aha te matepukupuku? A mātauranga Māori concept of cancer. Click here or go to: http://mediacentre.maramatanga.ac.nz/content/he-aha-te-matepukupuku-m-tauranga-m-ori-concept-cancer

27 Whiringa ā rangi, 2020

Our members Dr Kimiora Henare, Dr Donna Cormack and Dr Nina Scott to present on Māori Data Sovereignty at the Precision Healthcare Summit - New Zealand Society of Oncology. Viewing @ 45.00 - 1.47 on url: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CVQfq6v88GI49OpsGakXqnf45Ye5PluP/view

6 Paengawhāwhā, 2020

Mātakitaki mai - as our chair Dr Nina Scott talks with indigenous cancer leaders across the globe about COVID 19 impacts on indigenous communities