23 Noema, 2021

CEO Moahuia Goza presents at the Equity in Health symposium and advocates for Māori prioritisation in every COVID vaccination protocol.

7 Oketopa, 2021

Dr Nina Scott, Dr Myra Ruka and Moahuia Goza present at the Addressing Cancer Health Disparities among Indigenous Communities hosted by the  America Association for Cancer Research


3 Akuhata, 2021

CEO Moahuia Goza updates the National Iwi Chairs and discusses what we all need to do to get cancer incidence and mortality rates down. 

2 Hurae, 2021

Shelley Campbell presents to ASMS on the Māori Health Authority and cancer priorities. Creating solutions. https://www.asms.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Creating-solutions-programme.pdf

20 Whiringa ā rangi, 2020

Moahuia Goza talks about mātauranga and cancer; he aha te matepukupuku? A mātauranga Māori concept of cancer. Click here or go to: http://mediacentre.maramatanga.ac.nz/content/he-aha-te-matepukupuku-m-tauranga-m-ori-concept-cancer

27 Whiringa ā rangi, 2020

Our members Dr Kimiora Henare, Dr Donna Cormack and Dr Nina Scott to present on Māori Data Sovereignty at the Precision Healthcare Summit - New Zealand Society of Oncology. Viewing @ 45.00 - 1.47 on url: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CVQfq6v88GI49OpsGakXqnf45Ye5PluP/view

6 Paengawhāwhā, 2020

Mātakitaki mai - as our chair Dr Nina Scott talks with indigenous cancer leaders across the globe about COVID 19 impacts on indigenous communities